Do I Need Additional Insurance for Delayed Items During Transit?

If you're transporting valuable items, it's worth considering taking out additional insurance. Your first step should be to contact your transportation service provider (TSP). Moving companies are obligated to inform you in advance if a pickup or delivery is delayed, and they must also provide you with a claim form and instructions on where to send it for reimbursement. You can file a claim as soon as there has been a verifiable delay.

Travel insurance benefits for a trip delay are usually cancelled for a covered reason after a certain period of time, which varies depending on the insurance plan. Berkshire Hathaway offers travel insurance packages that include trip cancellation and interruption insurance, medical expense reimbursement, evacuation insurance, and trip delay coverage. In contrast to many other types of insurance, the coverage provided by maritime cargo insurance is not usually limited by time. The travel delay insurance offered by credit cards is generally considered secondary to other coverages you may have, which means that if your airline provides you with a hotel room or meals, you won't be able to claim those things under your credit card's travel delay insurance.

In some cases, an insured dependent on a supply chain may take out both supply chain risk insurance and cargo business interruption (CBI) coverage when faced with a financial or business situation due to the delay and damage of their deliveries. When it comes to protecting your valuable items during transit, it's important to consider all of your options. You should always contact your TSP first to see what kind of coverage they offer. If they don't provide adequate protection, you may want to look into purchasing additional insurance from a third-party provider. Travel insurance packages from Berkshire Hathaway can provide you with trip cancellation and interruption coverage, medical expense reimbursement, evacuation insurance, and trip delay coverage.

Additionally, maritime cargo insurance can provide coverage that is not limited by time. Finally, if you have a credit card that offers travel delay insurance, it may be worth considering as well.

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