What Home Insurance Covers for Valuable Items

The answer to the question of whether home insurance covers valuable items is yes. A standard homeowners policy includes coverage for jewelry, watches, and other precious items against losses caused by fires, windstorms, theft, and vandalism. Home insurance policies generally offer more coverage for valuable items than renters insurance policies. When buying a home insurance policy, insurance companies will ask if you keep valuable personal items in the home.

To ensure that all your valuables are covered, you may need to add some elements separately to your policy. Scheduling an item, also known as adding an additional clause to your insurance policy for homeowners, condominiums or renters, can help protect you against the possibility of losing personal property such as jewelry, cameras and watches.It is important to remember that while home insurance covers valuable items, the coverage limits vary. To make sure that all your valuables are adequately protected, it is best to speak with your insurance provider and discuss the best coverage options for your needs.