Which type of insurance provides coverage for goods in transit?

Cargo insurance protects your transport company from financial losses due to damage or theft of the goods you are transporting. Goods in transit insurance covers inventory or other merchandise shipped by the seller, but that the buyer has not yet received or accepted. It aims to protect buyers and sellers who are exposed to financial loss if this property is lost, damaged, or destroyed while off the premises and in transit. You must enter the value of the assets you want to insure and you will instantly get a clear idea of the insurance costs.

In some cases, relying only on one of the buyer's or seller's insurance policies is a viable option, but you should be sure that the insurance has actually been taken out for each shipment and that the terms, conditions, assessment and limits are appropriate for each shipment. In addition, it should be understood that “goods in transit insurance” only covers the contents of your vehicle and does not replace the van insurance, car insurance, or heavy vehicle insurance you have for the vehicle itself. Goods in transit insurance can cover domestic and international shipping, depending on the country's regulations and the insurance coverage policy.